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Appraiser Pros and Cons:


1. You can do a lot more than other dating apps.

2. The concept is based on your personality.

3. You can read your personality descriptions and refine your approach.

4. You can post on this Reddit-like feed and casually chat with people.

5. The app does a good job of pairing people who are actually compatible.

6. Quality of matches is higher than other dating apps.


1. Profiles can be improved.

2. I would like to see interest tags on profiles.

3. Ability to mark conversations as unread.

4. Unethical developers.

5. Promotion of Spam Content.

6. Unspecified service will be disconnected due to unusual activity.

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Would give zero stars if I could

The idea behind BooDatingFriendsChat is great, but they really did it in the most horrible way. They hire fake accounts and BOTS to spam their content in all MBTI groups on Facebook and even get several of them permanently for spam. They don't care, they just keep going. The developers of BooDatingFriendsChat are unethical and I would not trust them with my data or my privacy for that reason. You dont know what you are doing. Two years of SPAMMING on Facebook to DEATH (literally to the groups they selfishly killed with their spam) and still less than 300 reviews. I don't trust these people. They're getting it VERY wrong and I just don't trust the developers as much as I could play them. Absolute rubbish. Someone PLEASE make a better MBTI based app. The ones that do so far SPEAK (like these guys) and this app is really needed! Just not one run by unethical, bad programmers who make their jobs flawed. The worst part? When you try to give feedback, they ask you to change your rating to a positive one, but they never solve the problem. Who knows how many of those reviews are fake too, every five star review is questionable, likely written by the same bots they hired to spam Facebook. Do you cheat a lot, Derek & team?

Von [email protected]


It's hard to give BooDatingFriendsChat a proper rating when it just doesn't seem to work. I had half a dozen matches the first day, but now it just says "No souls detected. Try expanding your filters every time I open BooDatingFriendsChat. My filters are pretty wide, but I've tested changing them just to fix them and nothing.

BooDatingFriendsChat notifies me that they have new people to see but when I open it it's the same problem.

If it really worked I would only have one complaint and that is that A LOT of information is reserved by Myer's Briggs Premium users. This is kind of silly to me as I can google Myer's Briggs for more info. I'm getting something that should be reserved for Premium, but maybe I can at least have points to spend to unlock it. And then I could buy more points or earn some just for logging in and liking or something. Anyway I haven't had enough time to decide how I feel about BooDatingFriendsChat as it's completely useless :/

Edit: Interplanetary mode fixes the problem... sort of. I really don't want to think about people 400 miles away because I'm not able to travel that much. Unfortunately, this is the ONLY way to get the system to show me someone. Also, as far as I can see, there is no "like" button, which means you MUST message someone or say "no" emphatically. Idk, I appreciate that the developers have responded and tried to make BooDatingFriendsChat more accessible, but it's kinda hard to get anywhere.

VonLaura Hendrix

3/5 stars: good but flawed

1. I had limited matches (about 5-6) the FIRST day I had them, but none after that. It's been about 4 days and the message you see is "You've reached your match limit for the day". It's extremely uncomfortable.

2. The second issue affected message notifications. I received notifications from the person who messaged me via iPhone banners, but when I logged into BooDatingFriendsChat, the message didn't appear or update automatically. I kept having to close BooDatingFriendsChat to see the messages in the right order almost every time, even when my internet connection was intact.

I would also appreciate specific tones for notifications about BooDatingFriendsChat.

3. Messages come from person 1 while I reply to person 2 in their chat. It gets really confusing.

Overall, I love the Boo idea and have had good experiences almost immediately so far. I'm a person who deletes dating apps quickly, but I might keep this one for a while. I also see a number of people finding good pairs here based on opening and maturity levels. Users can see that the developers care about the underlying goal - finding great matches and partners - and that helps a lot.

It appears to be buggy and I'm sorry to say that.

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VonDemarrius Pashbabu

The Best Dating App!!

I've been on a dozen dating apps and none of them are as good as this one. First, you can do a lot more here than any other dating app. Second, it's really quite different because the concept is based on your personality. You can read their personality descriptions and refine your approach. You can also post on this Reddit-like feed and casually chat with people. It's so much more than just swiping, which pretty much 99% of all other dating apps are. BooDatingFriendsChat is really special and my favorite at the moment.


Interesting concept but you'd better be in the right area

I love the idea of ​​BooDatingFriendsChat, a bit deeper than your Tinder and Bumbles and the layout/software looks great... but apparently there is literally nobody using BooDatingFriendsChat in my area! I'm not talking about matches, nor do I get options! And no, my filters are pretty wide, so that's not the problem. I bought the 3 month plan and literally only had TWO people come up as potential matches and that was the day I signed up. It's been over a month now and no one else has shown up so this was a waste of money for me. I would suggest that BooDatingFriendsChat have the ability to do a search with their filters for free without being able to match and I also don't care if the profiles are blurry so at least you as a consumer can see if there are enough people in your Proximity there you can create the purchase is worth a pity...


Some comments

I've been using this for a while now and here are my thoughts: 1. BooDatingFriendsChat does a good job of matching people who are truly compatible. From what I've gathered, the quality of my matches here is much higher than Bumble or Bagel Coffee. 2. I think the profiles could use some improvement because some people have tons of stuff in their bios while others have little or nothing. Perhaps you can impose a biological character minimum? 3. I think the telepathy feature is really cool and underrated. It would be great if you could expand on that. All in all great so far

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VonColorado beans


So far I love BooDatingFriendsChat and there are just a few things I would like to suggest for improvement. 1) would love to be able to see interest tags on profiles to better break the ice. Sometimes people don't list them, so I'll just walk away from the telepathy descriptions. 2) It would be great if you could mark conversations as unread. Sometimes I see a message and forget to reply. I'll add more as I think of her, but I'm loving it so far. Please keep making it better.


Very limited swipes and spam payment options

You can't open BooDatingFriendsChat without a message popping up every time you try to buy Premium that gets old after the second time. You also don't get limited likes, only limited swipes. Let's say you swipe left or "dislike" several profiles with very few likes, BooDatingFriendsChat will stop you from browsing more profiles even if you only like 1-2 out of 15-20. If it was a limited number of likes with unlimited dislikes it would be much more bearable, but only liking 4 or so profiles a day before being blocked is a huge turn off for BooDatingFriendsChat when other apps allow you to have limited likes and unlimited to have swipes.


room for improvement

Love BooDatingFriendsChat ! Suggestions: 1) It would be great if BooDatingFriendsChat could let me know if I'm limited in the number of likes or the number of recommendations in general. 2) It would be great if you could find a way for people to add more to their profiles or all use real photos. 3) I don't know how difficult it would be, but would it be possible to add voice calls? Sometimes I'm lazy and would rather chat than text.

VonMr. Qlz

Great app! I got into a serious relationship and I'm a man

Overall the best app where people looking for relationship with infj personality can meet real people who share or match their personality. Anyone looking for friends is no less different when they find them. For those who are looking for a way to really connect with someone on an emotional level for a relationship like dating, this is the best app if you despise apps like Hinge, Tinder, OkCupid and so on. Finally an app of this standard!


good for new friends

I love that BooDatingFriendsChat is not only for dating, but also for making friends and meeting new people. As I am already married, I appreciate that BooDatingFriendsChat offers this option. Although sometimes I get contacted by people not only noticing friends on my profile. It's kind of annoying to mention it every time. I think it would be better if it was listed as words instead of the emojis.


I received a fraudulent call after providing the number

I used my Google Voice number (which I almost never use and definitely never got called) when I signed up for BooDatingFriendsChat. A day later I received a call from this number which left a voicemail in English saying my (unspecified) service was disconnected due to unusual activity and that I should call back immediately. The caller did not identify himself. The message was then repeated in Mandarin.

Maybe it was just a coincidence, but I would caution against giving your number or personal information to BooDatingFriendsChat unless you have researched the company that did it and you are sure they are not careless with your details .

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Changed from 1 to 5 stars.

BooDatingFriendsChat has come a LONG way in two years. The developers rolled out all the fixes I mentioned a year ago and it's quickly growing into its own ecosystem and a much larger user base than before. They also added astrological signs, enneagram types, dark mode, call of love, earnable coins, exploration page, followers, translation of profiles to different languages ​​and many other features. I adore.

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VonKleiner House

This is where I met my current boyfriend

I met my current boyfriend here and we've been together for 2 months. What BooDatingFriendsChat said about strengths and weaknesses is true and super helpful. Even before I met my current boyfriend, the people BooDatingFriendsChat recommended to me were people I've had good conversations with, so I trust they know what they're doing with the chemistry. Thanks boo! Keep it up and I will recommend BooDatingFriendsChat to all my friends.


Is it possible to get the crown back?

I've been here since BooDatingFriendsChat started and I've loved BooDatingFriendsChat ever since. But for some reason I seem to have lost the initial user crown on my profile that I had when I first logged in. Is there a way I can get it back? Great work on the team! It really shows that you care about your users, from the little things and speed of improvement.



I dated someone I met from BooDatingFriendsChat last week. Don't think I'll look any further. :) The funny thing is, he was exactly how BooDatingFriendsChat described him. And it was great to know all these things about each other before we met. It definitely broke the ice and raised expectations that we were each other's types from the start. Thanks very much! <3 I can't be more grateful.


suggestions for improvement

So far I'm enjoying BooDatingFriendsChat, but I have a few questions: 1. How do I see people I've liked? If this is not available, can you add it? 2. What are coins for? And how does it differ from the premium subscription? (I am currently a subscriber). 3. Can you add the ability to know when people last opened BooDatingFriendsChat?


Conversations are great

The conversations I have on BooDatingFriendsChat are truly amazing. I think it's probably the result of matching with people who are very compatible, so the conversations are better too. It would be great if we could reply and quote specific messages as replying to different messages can get confusing after a while.



Using MBTI to date and make friends is awesome! I love how BooDatingFriendsChat explains a lot about someone before you even meet them. It also adds another aspect beyond looks and helps me understand who I'm really a match for. I have already made quite a few friends here and I can see myself staying with BooDatingFriendsChat for the long term. To the creators of BooDatingFriendsChat, congratulations and great work!!


Impressed by the personality test

I can say that the people on this team really know what they are doing. The attention to detail that just went into the test is outstanding, from the random questions to the ability to get my type right. I think BooDatingFriendsChat is probably the most accurate thing I've done so far and it comes with fewer questions.

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Vonit is a sweetheart


I love how tight-knit the community is, everyone is either in college or just graduated. Time to get an Ivy League friend [色] I'm so glad I found BooDatingFriendsChat. This is a good way to find your Mr.Right.


Cannot create ID

I can't get past the Username/Handle page when logging in. There is no next button or anything like that.

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I can't even log in

I've entered all my information but the Done button isn't working and I can't click Next or anything


30. August 2022

This app sucks. The app does not allow you to search for people who live near you. I also think the accounts are fake. Go with bumblebee or whatever. Don't waste your money on this stupid app.


December 05, 2021

I've been on this app for 2 months now and all I get is a chat for half a day and then I'm ghosted... or just ghosted? I did not understand??????

Is chatting with Boo Dating Friends safe?

Yes. Boo - Dating. Friends. Chat. It is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural Language Processing) analysis of more than 3,287 user reviews from the Appstore and the Appstore's cumulative rating of 4.5/5.Justuseapp Security RatingforBoo Dating Friends Chat é 48.6/100.

Ist Boo Dating Friends Chat legitim?

Yes. Boo - Dating. Friends. Chat. It's a completely legitimate application. This conclusion was drawn when running 3287 Boo - Dating. Friends. Chat. User ratings through our NLP machine learning process to determine whether users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on,Justuseapp Legitimacy RatingforBoo Dating Friends Chat é 61,5/100..

It's Boo - Dating. Friends. Chat. it does not work?

Boo - Dating. Friends. Chat. it mostly works. If it doesn't work for you, we recommend that you have a little patience and try again later orPlease contact support.

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Monthly Signature$ 40,00
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**Price data is based on average subscription prices reported by users.

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  2. We have developed a system that attempts to contact a company as soon as an issue is reported, and with many issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers if the problem is a common problem that has been solved in the past.
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Is Boo dating free? ›

Is it free to sign up for Boo? All the basic features on Boo are completely free.

Is Boo a dating site? ›

Boo is for connecting with compatible and like-minded souls. Date, chat, match, make friends and meet new people by personality. Join over a million souls on Boo and find your best match faster, for dating or friendship. We're your tour guide through the strange landscape of another's heart and mind.

Who owns Boo dating? ›

Boo Enterprises, Inc. is an Android developer that has been active since 2020 and has one app (Boo — Dating. Friends. Chat.)

How does the Boo dating app work? ›

Boo is an up and coming dating app that uses personality testing to help you connect with people who will “effortlessly love, appreciate, and understand you for who you naturally are”.

What is the age limit for Boo? ›

The bottom line – is Boo safe? Due to COPPA, the social media classification indicates that kids need to be 13 in order to use this.

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