Funeral Flowers - The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Funeral Flowers (5 Key Factors to Consider) (2023)

BurialFlowers are usually large, formal floral arrangements that go straight to the funeral home and are displayed at the funeral and grave. They are intended as a decorative tribute to the deceased person.

Seplanningor attending a funeral, you may be wondering what kind of funeral flowers to buy.

“Flowers typically range from small or large greens, combo plants and flower pots to a flower stand and casket spray. Prices can range from $50.00 to $500.00 or more,” says Mark Anderson, owner of Joiner-Anderson Funeral Home.

Here's a helpful guide to help you find the right funeral flowers for your situation.

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Types of mourning flowers

Let's start with the most common arrangements and types of flowers at funerals.

4 funeral flower arrangement ideas

1) Funeral spraysFuneral Flowers - The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Funeral Flowers (5 Key Factors to Consider) (1)

Sprays are large, flat bouquets of long-stemmed plant matter intended to be viewed from one side. Threads are often used on short-stemmed plants to increase length.

Traditionally, funeral sprays have one or two ends. Single ended projects are usually presented on a stand. However, small sprays can be placed in the coffin.

Double-ended designs are often placed on top of the casket and are therefore calledsprays sarg. These are generally organized by the immediate family.

2) Blumenarrangements

Funeral Flowers - The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Funeral Flowers (5 Key Factors to Consider) (2)

You can also choose from a variety of floral arrangements, where cut flowers are tied together in a bouquet or placed in a vase or basket. Also, you can arrange flowers in different shapes, for example. a cross, a heart or something personalized like a letter.

3) Live PlantsFuneral Flowers - The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Funeral Flowers (5 Key Factors to Consider) (3)

A live plant is another acceptable option. It has symbolic meaning because it will continue to grow and live. These can range from small to large.

Funeral Flowers - The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Funeral Flowers (5 Key Factors to Consider) (4)

4) Wreaths

Wreaths are ribbons of plant material attached to each other. When trapped in a circle, they become a wreath that can represent eternal life.

Now let's look at the common types of flowers that appear in these arrangements.

5 common mourning flowers

Gena Lorainne, gardener and plant expert, says: "Choosing the perfect flowers for a funeral can be quite a challenge as the occasion is a sad one. It's important to know the meaning of the flowers you are giving.

As a gardener, I share with you the most commonly chosen flowers for funerals and the meaning behind them.

1) LiliesFuneral Flowers - The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Funeral Flowers (5 Key Factors to Consider) (5)

This delicate white flower symbolizes innocence. It indicates that the soul of the deceased has returned to a state of innocence and peace.

Funeral Flowers - The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Funeral Flowers (5 Key Factors to Consider) (6)2) Peace Lily

Similar to the lily, this flower represents innocence, harmony and rebirth of the soul.

3) RosaFuneral Flowers - The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Funeral Flowers (5 Key Factors to Consider) (7)

Well this is a perfect flower for any occasion whether happy or sad. Different colors symbolize a wide range of emotions. White roses are considered the ultimate symbol of purity, spirituality and innocence. Deep red roses are a sign of deep love, but they can also express deep sadness.

Funeral Flowers - The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Funeral Flowers (5 Key Factors to Consider) (8)4) Orchids

Nothing says "I will always love you" like this delicate flower.

5) cloveFuneral Flowers - The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Funeral Flowers (5 Key Factors to Consider) (9)

Pink carnations represent pure love and remembrance, while white carnations represent innocence and purity. These meanings make them a popular choice when offering funeral flowers and expressing one's feelings for the deceased.

These are some of the most commonly used flowers for funerals.”

Adds Anderson, "Most florists have idea books for customers to choose from, and of course, there are lots of ideas online for different types of flowers for funeral flower arrangements." adequate.

Choosing the right funeral flowers: 5 considerations

There are certain rules of conduct that you must follow when sending flowers. Here are five key factors to consider when choosing funeral flowers for a recipient.

1. relationship

Your relationship with the deceased will determine what kind of funeral flowers you should buy for him. The closer you are, the more detailed it should be.

Closer family members tend to buy the biggest, most important flowers, such as B. Casket spray, heart-shaped arrangements, wreaths, and large stall sprays. Very close friends and extended families can also purchase sprays for display.

Those furthest away from the person, such as B. Friends and occasional colleagues often send smaller arrangements, such as vases, flower baskets, or small to medium-sized live plants.

2. Personalization

Think about the type and atmosphere of the funeral. Is it traditional or more of a one-off celebration? In some cases, you may be asked to deviate from the classic white lilies or red roses and include flowers that are more representative of the person.

For example, if someone loves sunflowers and has a bright personality, planners may require arrangements to include this flower.

3. Type of burial

Also, consider whatKind of servicewill be (funeral, memorial, etc.).

Anderson explains: “Sometimes there are different requirements for flowers, e.g. B. If it is a cremation without burial, then baskets of flowers, green plants and flowers that are easy to take home are more appropriate.

Traditional funerals would include the same flowers, but sometimes with more emphasis on a flower stand to be left at the cemetery.” Read the invitation carefully and check with planners if in doubt.

4. Requests "Instead of flowers"

Should you still send flowers when funeral planners ask for a donation instead of flowers? The best way to do this is to make a monetary donation. However, you can send flowers in addition to the donation.

5. Religious Considerations

If the person who died was religious, consider their beliefs and preferences. Most religions' funeral traditions involve flowers, and almost any arrangement or type of flower is acceptable.

However, be sure to check with the family if you're not sure. For example, if the person is Mormon, you don't want to send arrangements with crucifixes or crosses. Or if the person is of the Greek Orthodox faith, white flowers are often preferred. Knowing these little preferences will ensure your flowers are appropriate.

How to order funeral flowers

“If the order is a local purchase, the buyer usually goes to the local flower shop of their choice. When the shopper is from abroad, he relies on the internet to help him with the purchase”, explains Anderson.

He adds, “Many funeral homes, including ours, offer buyers the opportunity to purchase directly from our website. The order is then placed on a national account and they forward the purchase to the local florist in the area.

This works out really well for the buyer as they can be confident that the funeral home will forward the purchase to someone local they can trust.”

After the order is placed and fulfilled, the funeral flowers are delivered to the recipient, which is usually the funeral home.

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Mourning Flowers Guide FAQ

How to order flowers for a funeral home?

  1. Choose a casket spray or wreath if you are immediate family.
  2. Choose a permanent spray or an informal arrangement if you are a member of the extended family.
  3. Send a spray, wreath, basket arrangement, bouquet in a vase or live plant if you are a close friend or colleague.

What flowers are suitable for a funeral?

Below are some of the most commonly used flowers for funerals. Lilies, peace lilies, gladioli, carnations, chrysanthemums, roses and orchids.

When should you send flowers for the funeral?

If you are an immediate family member, it is appropriate to send your flowers to the funeral, or you may prefer to have your flowers delivered to the grave.

Do you send flowers for display or funeral?

If you are a close relative or knew the deceased very well, it is customary to send flowers for the visit and funeral, and in some cases even for the family home. If you are more of an acquaintance, coworker, distant friend, etc., then it is polite to send condolence flowers to your home or visit.

What color flowers do you give on a death?

Common white flowers sent as a sign of sympathy include sympathy lilies, white roses, orchids and irises. When the service is over, potted flowers are often taken home by the deceased's family and remain alive as a reminder of the service, the lost loved one, and their care.

eliminate the confusion

Ordering funeral flowers for the first time can be a little confusing. You might worry that you're sending the wrong type. But now you have everything you need to simplify the process and be sure you're making the right decision.

Just follow the above guidelines to properly show your affection for someone who has passed away and at the same time make a kind gesture to the loved ones of the deceased during the time of mourning.

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