Top 10 job search engines (2023) (2023)

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (1)

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It's official, job search engines are here to stay whether you like them or not.

The difficulty with job search sites is that it can be impossible to know which ones to focus your energy on and which ones are a waste of time.

After all, there are over 1,000 job sites online and most of them post the exact same jobs!

It's important to get the highest ROI from the time you spend looking for a job.

That's why we created this list of the best job search sites.

We've broken down not only the best general job sites, but the best sites for sales, finance/accounting, IT, and even executive jobs.

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Top 10 job search engines (2023) (3)

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (4)

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (5)

LinkedIn In general More details

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (6)

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (7)

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (8)

In fact In general More details

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (9)

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (10)

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (11)

cleverismo In general More details

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (12) 4

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (13)

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (14) 4

Data Technology More details

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (15) 5

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (16)

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (17) 5

Hired Technology More details

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (18) 6

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (19)

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (20) 6

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Sales Managers Sales More details

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (21) 7

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (22)

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (23) 7

middle robert accounts and finances More details

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (24) 8

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (25)

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (26) 8

Steps Executive More details

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (27) 9

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (28)

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (29) 9

USA JOBS Federal More details

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (30) 10

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (31)

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (32) 10

job International More details

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How we choose the winners

Each of the job search sites below has been reviewed by a team of certified professional experts, keeping in mind the following:

open vacancies

The number of quality jobs published on each site.

kinds of work

What types of jobs are posted on each of the job boards.

Easy to use

The overall layout and ease of use when applying for jobs.

overall quality

How effective we think each site is in getting jobs.

This list was put together to accommodate job seekers in all industries and occupations. Whether you're looking for general, sales, finance and accounting, executive, or international jobs, our comprehensive list below will have just the thing for you.

Job Search Site Reviews



LinkedIn tops our list as the best job search site for finding jobs in general. This is not to say that LinkedIn isn't good for specific industries or professions; Turns out, it's great for just about any career level, industry, or profession. If you don't know where to start but are looking for the best job board, LinkedIn is the way to go.


LinkedIn does not allow employers to post jobs for free. This keeps the quality much higher than other job boards that allow free postings because only serious employers post jobs that cost money. Also, joining LinkedIn makes the transition to networking easier. Once you find a job you like, check LinkedIn to see if you have first-degree connections at the company.


The biggest scam is LinkedIn salary filters. While they have pretty advanced search options overall, their salary filters only go to $120,000. If you're an executive looking for a higher salary, you won't have much of a choice to get past the 120K mark.

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In fact

In fact, it's probably the most popular job board in the US. With over 250 million monthly visitors, 120 million resumes, 500 million salaries, and 9.8 jobs added every second, Indeed is a place powerful work.


More jobs listed than any other site in the world. Indeed is a leader in this space and is constantly improving its online job site to ensure the best user experience for both the candidate and recruiter.


Since Indeed has more jobs than any other site, it can be hard to sift through the junk to find what you're looking for. Jobs posted on Indeed also have more applicants than other sites due to the high volume of applicants. Indeed allows free postings, so you might find old or non-serious job postings.

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (37)

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Cleverism is a leading job search and career advice platform founded by Ana and Martín. Cleverism is a one stop shop for all your professional needs. They provide resume templates, cover letter templates, tons of free career advice, and of course hundreds of thousands of online jobs.


Cleverism makes it nice and easy to have everything you need to look for a job in one place. They offer advice on salary negotiation, as well as paid courses on networking, job interviews and obtaining offers. You can also search for jobs by company name, industry, seniority, salary, and company size.


Not all Cleverism services are free to access. Some of their online training modules are pay to play. Also, it doesn't seem like they have an "easy request" feature on their website.

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (39)

visit data
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Dice is one of the few job boards labeled exclusively for tech jobs. Due to its niche focus and mission to cater to high-tech professionals, Dice makes our list as the best tech job site and information technology job board.


You'll save countless hours searching for jobs on general job boards because Dice focuses exclusively on tech jobs. This is a free to use platform with no strings attached or search limitations.


Since Dice only focuses on tech jobs, this site will not be best suited for non-technical professionals.



Hired offers a unique approach to the traditional job search site. Focused on technology professionals, Hired has eliminated the need for resumes and cover letters, providing a streamlined way to connect with the right companies faster.


You will create a profile (similar to LinkedIn) and allow companies to apply for you. This can definitely be a nice change of pace compared to filling out job applications all day. Best of all, it's completely free.


We really couldn't find any cons with this company. They seem to have great reviews online and their service costs nothing. Like Dice, they focus on tech jobs so might not be the best fit for other types of jobs.


Sales Managers

SalesHeads is one of the few job boards focused on the careers of sales professionals. SalesHeads is one of the best sites for sales jobs because it cuts out all the completely irrelevant jobs (banking, engineering, etc.) and only offers sales related jobs.


SalesHeads has carved out a niche for itself with a focus on sales jobs. Having this niche makes the job search easier.


Unfortunately, while this job search site focuses on sales, its built-in job search filters couldn't be less helpful. There is no industry, salary, or seniority level filter to help narrow down your searches and find your perfect fit.

Top 10 job search engines (2023) (42)

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middle robert

Robert Half is one of the largest and most trusted recruitment agencies in the world. But did you know that they have a job bank? One of Robert Half's largest divisions is its finance and accounting division, which comprises "Accountemps: part-time finance and accounting jobs" as well as "Robert Half Finance & Accounting: full-time finance and accounting jobs" .


With so much brand credibility and an easy to navigate job site for finance professionals, you really can't go wrong giving Robert Half your information. They are by far the best connected team of finance and accounting professionals in the industry.

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In our opinion, the search filters were below average. There are no salary filters to choose from and this is one of the most important filters to use.



Ladders is one of the leading job posting sites for executives in the United States. With over 20,000 active recruiters seeking top talent on Ladders and over 225,000 active jobs, you really can't go wrong.


Ladders focuses exclusively on jobs that cost $100,000 and up, so you don't waste time applying for jobs that ultimately won't pay you what you're looking for.


Unfortunately, Ladders is a pay-to-play job search site. To access your executive jobs, you will be required to pay a monthly fee. They also don't have the best reviews online.



USAJOBS is the world's leading federal government job search site. If you're applying for federal jobs, there's really no other way to get routed and get interviews without using USAJOBS. Unlike any of the other job boards on this list, USAJOBS is an official website of the United States government.


USAJOBS has the largest number of federal government jobs in the world. You can post your resume and make it searchable by hiring managers and recruiters. They offer multiple hiring pathways to choose from, including jobs for people with disabilities, recent college graduates, military spouses, veterans, and more.


USAJOBS itself really has no cons. However, there are downsides to applying for federal jobs. Federal job applications are typically much longer and the narrative and resume requirements are time consuming compared to non-federal jobs.



Jooble is by far one of the largest international search engines in the world. Its objective as a company is "to help anyone find a job, regardless of their place of residence, language, religion, skin color or beliefs." With operations in over 100 countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North and South America, Oceania and Africa, it's easy to see that Jooble has a huge international reach.


If you have flexibility in location, Jooble has more jobs than any other location in the world.


While Jooble is well known around the world, their presence in the US is just beginning to expand, so they may not have as many jobs as an established US company.

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Job Search Engine Winners (2022)

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