What to Wear to a Memorial Service | Looks for all occasions (2023)

Just as you wouldn't show up in black to your wedding day, you don't want to show up to a funeral in a ball gown. So deciding what to wear to a funeral can be a bit risky. But we've put together a few options for you to browse and some relevant ideas you might find useful for the event.

If this is your first time attending one, the first thing you should do is know what it really is. A memorial service is a ceremony held out of respect for a deceased person and to cherish the memories they left with their legacy. This unique ceremony involves many related family sentiments and it is polite to think a little about the attire before deciding to wear it.

We hope you find this useful. So, without further ado, let's take a tour of the topic.

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Things you should know before choosing your outfit

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Remember that you can never go wrong with black in this case. In fact, traditional should be the way to go, which is formal dark business attire. In the States, traditional dress for funerals is black and this is usually what people choose to wear.

# Don't be too adventurous

Today, however, things have turned out differently for those occasions. This conservative mindset is gone for some, but most are sticking to the tradition of wearing formal black attire.

# Respect religious beliefs

Please respect the family's religious beliefs. If you are unfamiliar with their methods, ask questions or do your own research first. Not every religion has the same type of ceremonies.

# Ask the family first

What you should really do before you even start is ask the family. There may be criteria or a dress code on their site and on this occasion it is an absolute must that you adhere to it. This shows respect for the family of the deceased and the deceased himself.

# Go dark with colors

Otherwise, it can come off as rude and inconsiderate. You should keep in mind that overdressing is better than underwear. It shows respect. All black funeral attire may not be mandatory but definitely stick to the darker color spectrum such as dark grey, dark blue.

What to wear to the memorial service

There is a lot to report on this topic. We have separated this category for your convenience. Everything is discussed below. Do this and take notes.

What to wear to the memorial serviceFor men

No wonder the attire should be business formal. However, some options are available, which are discussed in the following sections.

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First of all suits. A formal suit is the best option in this case. This is super formal and I'm sure you already have plenty of varieties in your closet if none of your friends can be your believer for the day. Suits are like the ultimate weapon for any formal event. No matter what it is, the suit is always the right answer.

If you don't want to go down that easy route, you can always opt for a button-down shirt. Don't go for a crew neck here, instead opt for a cropped or short collar with buttons. That looks a lot more formal.

lower selection

For background, if you're wearing a suit, it needs to be obviousformal pants. And if it's a shirtchoose pants. They look good too. As for the prints, it's better not to overdo it. Plain and simple is usually expected.

Darker colors are appropriate colors to wear to a funeral. If the family has other plans, respect their choices, otherwise darker colors like gray and dark blue are the way to go.


When choosing the right mourning clothes, open-toe shoes and sandals are a big no-go. you should go to...social shoesIn this case. Full-cut loafers are a wonderful choice, but loafers are more comfortable and look better.

Dark brown, black and others in this color category should be your choices.


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An elegant bow tie or silver cufflinks would complement the overall package here stunningly. Many older men also opt for a vintage hat. A neatly folded handkerchief in the breast pocket is also worth considering.

Of course, a noble man never forgets his watch, so you shouldn't.

What to wear to the memorial servicefor ladies

Ladies, you have so many more choices than men. This is great news and confusing at the same time. Here are a few suggestions

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The clothing

First of all, modesty is required here. This shows respect for the family of the dead. You can choose to use along black dressthat is stylish no matter what the occasion. It is a perfect example in the women's funeral clothing department.

The upper and the lower

You can also opt for suits. Do you remember formal business? It reaches the category. Mourning attire is hard to figure out when you have so many choices. So stick to the basics. You know more than anyone what looks best on you.

If you're not a suit person, don't worry. Me neither! There are other options like aLanger Rockand a formal blouse. Remember that women do not wear see-through clothing. This may seem inappropriate and impolite.


When contemplating what to wear to a funeral, shoes are the second most important topic of conversation. High heels look like a nightmare but they look so good! If you can handle the pain well! Continue! A simple trick is to choose platform heels instead of pencil heels.

Otherwise, flat, non-open shoes are also a good option. Stilettos are also uncomfortable for some, but remember that beauty is pain. You can hardly go wrong with shoes. The pumps will look just as great!


A simple veil, gloves and a necklace can look wonderful. A bright red lip would complement the overall black mourning dress. Theme. Don't overdo it with accessories. Less is more in this department.

children's clothing and more

It is better for an adult to choose minors in their mourning clothes. Children usually like to be creative, but out of respect for the family of the dead, there are certain limits that must not be crossed.

To be honest, it's not much different than adults. It's the same theme, same clothes in a smaller size. Yes, your comfort is a much higher priority here. Clothing should be airy and in the right color theme. That must be really nice for her.

A tuxedo for the little man and a beautiful black mourning dress for the princess is always the right choice. In this case, no accessories are required.

What not to do in memorial service attire

Casual wear is our biggest enemy here. There's no way you can put these jeans on. That's totally disrespectful. Attire for the funeral service should be appropriate and less conspicuous.

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The specific day is more about the person in whose memory the occasion is recorded, not you. So keep that in mind when deciding what to wear to a funeral.

  • Don't go for bright colors
  • Busy patterns will not look their best in this case
  • Jeans, yoga pants and hoodies are completely out of fashion
  • The provocative dressing tends to be distracting, avoid it
  • Children need to feel good, otherwise unexpected tantrums threaten
  • Striking pieces of jewelery are also taboo.
  • Skinny pants are not the best choice for men.
  • The shoes must match the outfit you are wearing. Don't wear those sneakers.
  • What to wear to a funeral in summer is a big dilemma, so choose breathable fabrics made specifically for kids.

professional tips

Here are some clever tips on what to wear to a funeral.

  • Note the weather conditions.
  • Arrive on time and don't sit down right away
  • Find comfortable clothing and breathable material
  • Instead of choosing other dark colors, just go black, it's easier
  • Dress for an interview, which usually covers all aspects
  • Have extra napkins and disinfectants ready

Question you ask our readers

1. What is the difference between a memorial service and a funeral?

On oneBurial, the body is present at the ceremony, but at a funeral service the body is already buried or cremated. It is mainly in the memories of the deceased.

2. What should you wear to a funeral when the invitation says "Come as you are"?

This usually means that the dress code is not strictly formal. You can take what you are comfortable with.

3. What should I wear to a Christian funeral?

Go all black tradition. Formal attire is the best choice here. A black mourning dress is never the wrong choice.

4. Is it distasteful to wear jeans to a funeral?

Yes. It's not a good idea to wear jeans too disrespectfully. Unless the family agrees.

5. Is it disrespectful to dress all in white to a funeral?

Yes. It's traditional. However, it only depends on the choice of family, since many are very progressive and sometimes do not care too much.


What to wear to a funeral is a difficult question to answer as it depends on so many attributes. The conventional idea for this day is to wear a black dress to a funeral, but this century's open-mindedness and unorthodox perspectives have broadened horizons.

But at the end of the day, we hope this article has helped you decide what to wear.

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